Dragonstone Maps

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The following is a list of Maps for the different cities, temples, and areas within Dragonstone:



Aden and Aden Temple: MAP

Aethelmaern: Coming Soon

Prexion: MAP



Levels 5-10

Southern Plains: MAP


Levels 6-10

Rotted Log: MAP


Levels 10-15

Forest of the Humbulus: MAP


Levels 10-20

The Brewery: MAP

The Forest Glade: MAP

The Jungle Tribe: MAP

The Mahkra Sanitarium and Asylum: MAP

Valley of the Trees: MAP


Levels 10-25

Imp’s Hovel: MAP


Levels 10-50

The Music Academy: MAP


Levels 15-30

Rosewood Plantation: MAP


Levels 20-30

Ratrem’s Empire: MAP


Levels 25-32

The Forbidden Kingdom: MAP


Levels 25-45

Blood Arena: MAP

Order of the Minotaurs Knights: MAP


Levels 30-40

The Hidden Village: MAP

Levels 30-50

The Ogre Slave Camp: MAP


Levels 30-65

The Realms of Shahktanora: MAP


Levels 40-55

Golden Stone Road: MAP


Levels 40-60

Brightwing Valley: MAP

Changelings: MAP

Far East Trade Route: MAP

Theran River: MAP

Upper Descent of Dread: MAP


Levels 40-70

The River Dreivolks: MAP


Levels 40-80

Thakiss River Basin: MAP


Levels 45-60

The Accursed Ship: MAP


Levels 50-55

House of the Divine: MAP


Levels: 50-65

Elven Border Lands: MAP


Levels 50-70

The Ether Plane: MAP


Levels 50-80

The Twin Outposts: MAP


Levels 60-80

Crypt of the Strigoi: MAP

Desert Village: MAP

Domain of Despair: MAP

Goblin Citadel: MAP

Lower Descent of Dread: MAP


Levels: 60-90

Abandoned Mines: MAP


Levels 70-80

Ruined Temple: MAP


Levels 95-120

Tower of Winds: MAP


Levels 99-150

Pits of Hell: MAP


Levels 100-115

Hall of Legends: MAP


Levels 150-200

The Gnomish Airship: MAP



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