Dragonstone Invokes

Below is a list of helpful invokes:

Vial copper potion lvl 45 fleash armor/thought shield/stone skin
Gem of Levitation lvl 55 fly
gem of concentration lvl 55 adrenaline control
gauntlets of thunder lvl 60 chain lightning
elven bow of light lvl 25 blur
displacement gi lvl 60 displacement
champions amulet lvl 40 giant strength
Scroll Protection lvl 32 energy containment/intellect fortress
sarentoeth claw lvl 38 vibrate
fingerless black gloves lvl 33 chaos field
assasin’s dagger lvl 36 chaos field
sparkling red robe lvl 30 fireshield
clerical robe of peace lvl 12 sanctuary—terinshilo
shadow lvl 25 mental barrier
the arms of a centipede lvl 30 bio-acceleration
Silver Wire lvl 45 Haste
Wreath of Illusions lvl 40 Phase Shift(quest)
Demons fiery glare lvl 70 Fireball
Chaotic Eyes lvl 64 Identify
Shepherd’s crook lvl 30 Charm Person
Uthra lvl 15 teleport/dragon valley/theodor
Thermometer lvl 30 psychic healing/dragon valley/nurse
Cowrie shell lvl 01 fly
Huntsman bow lvl 39 Ligtning bolt
Belt of Life lvl 70 Spirit Strength— stat demon (aq)
Crown of Ashes lvl 62 Phase Shift
Humming Potion lvl 85 Vibrate
Souvenir Cloak lvl 35 Icestorm
Souvenir Bag lvl 40 Fireshield
Goblin Potion lvl 50 Pass door/ Intertial Barrier
Potion of Destruction lvl 60 Heal/Heal/Heal
belt of fury lvl 80 flesh armor- bret/efreet
flame of faith lvl 75 displacement – lyon
whip lvl ego whip/dragon valey/teacher
pad lvl eternal intellect/music academy/secretary
a piece of parchment lvl combat mind –Josiah
spiked bone anklet lvl 35 quick foot —bara
black runed battle axe lvl 27 ogre strength
holy horns of helorn lvl 25 eternal intellect
gold trimmed dinner plate lvl 90 create food/titans
bag of berries lvl 80 create food/tolaria
octopus sucker lvl 100 bio-acceleration/hall of legends
guardian angel lvl 80 aid/methelusia/aden
chain of domination lvl 100 domination(10) temple of dark arts
bronze bell lvl 125 bio-acceleration/abbey
floating swarm of hatredlvl 130 spirit strength/dwarven kingdom
Holy symbol lvl 100 holy strength/City of dead
Silver cross lvl 125 aid/abbey

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