Dragonstone Equipment Guide


The following is a guide to good equipment, in order of body part and level:

About Body
Level 3: Fine Leather Cloak
Level 7: Foul Stench (+2 con): Dancing Dragon Inn
Level 12: Pocketed Thieves Cloak: Arnath
Level 15: Red Velvet Cloak: Rosewood
Level 25: Aura of Evil
Level 25: Decorative Blanket: Reach Fair
Level 29: Jalabayia
Level 30: Shroud of Sadness: Aden Sewers
Level 36: Hooded Assassin’s Cloak: Blood Arena
Level 40: Filthy Cloak: Mount Blackwater
(AC 12, DR+ 8, HR +14, AC -40, HP +40)
Level 41: Robes of Life: Upper Descent of Dread
(AC 13, HP +45, AC -30, Int +1, save vs spell -20, “bless” always in affect)
Level 43: Robes of Ice: Upper Descent of Dread
(AC11, AC -27, HP +32 & perma breathe water)
Level 44: Robes of Fire: Upper Descent of Dread
(AC 12, HP +55, AC -50, moves +10, mana +20, ‘infrared’ always in affect)
Level 45: Robes of Death: Upper Descent of Dread
(AC 12, HP +50, AC -50, STR +1, ‘heighten-senses’ always in affect)
Level 55: Force Majuere: Wonderful Item Shop (Aden)
Level 60: Cloak of Mystery (HR +50 DR+60 + invis): Caldera Lake
Level 60: Silver & Black Shroud of Night (DR +60, HR +60, invis always in effect)
Level 61: Cloak of Frozen Flame (DR+50, HR+55, HP +55, AC-55): Astral Passages
Level 70: Cloak of Illumination: Grimfelder
Level 70: Cloak of Obscurity: Grimfelder
Level 75: Chaotic Aura: Da’Lorn
Level 85: Scintillating Cloak of the Northern Lights: Frozen North
Level 100: Cloak of Star Rubies: Frozen North
Level 105: Black Shroud: Forest Shrine
Level 110: Cloak of the Elements
(HP +110, AC -110, DR +80, HR +90)

Area Quest Gear (Body):

Level 45: Ancient Robes of Death: Amon Hec
extra flags dark anti-good anti-thief anti-warrior anti-ranger anti-werewolf.
AC 13, Con -2, Wis +2, Mana +45

Level 45: The Cloak of Darkness
extra flags bless indestructable nolocate anti-paladin anti-ranger herunterladen.
AC 16, HP +25, ‘fly’ by -1, AC -35.

Level 70: Cloak of Obscurity: Grimfelder’s Tower
extra flags anti-good anti-neutral indestructable noauction
AC 19, AC -70, HR +66, DR +60, Affects strength by 1.

Level 70: A Spectral Cloak: Ether Plane
extra flags glow magic anti-halfling anti-ogre anti-minotaur anti-warrior anti-werewolf anti-monk german download perfectly for free.
AC 20, AC -35, Mana +100, HP +80.

Level 75: A Chaotic Aura: Da’Lorn
extra flags glow burning indestructable
AC 21, HP +49, AC -68, hr +72, dr +60
Spell invoke, has [5/5] charges of ‘bio-acceleration’

Level 85: Scintillating Cloak of the Northern Lights: Frozen North
anti-evil indestructable
AC 27, blood by 90, AC -68, HP 68, DR +59, HR +65

Level 2: Steel Anklet: Einar Mudschool
Level 6: Band of Golden Leaves: Dancing Dragon Inn
Level 15: Rusted Silver Anklets: Ancestral Tree
Level 22: Tendril of Kudzu: Reach Fair
Level 35: Spiked Bone Anklet: Ariya Monestary
Level 40: Smelly Piece of Rope: Mount Blackwater
Level 40: Anklet of the Sirens: Aldebra of the Sirens
Level 50: Wire Anklet
Level 51: Ankle-sheathed Dagger: Quest Gear
Level 60: Magical Anklets of Growth: Huskarian Workshop (join all four anklets)
Level 65: Anklet of Darkness: Da’lorn
Level 70: Braided Wooden Anklet: River Dreivolks
Level 90: Anklet Made of Sea Glass: Aqua Trolls

Level 2: Sturdy Wooden Bracers: Einar Mudschool
Level 5: Pearl Bracers: Arnath Mudschool (level restriction of level 5 to enter)
Level 10: a pair of reinforced pearl bracers: Dewdrop Village (level 5 upgrade)
Level 15: a fine pair of studded pearl bracers: Crystal Caverns (level 10 upgrade)
Level 20: Ice-covered Scaly Vambraces: Quest Gear, Arnath
Level 30: Gauntlets of Death: Aden Sewers
Level 43: Hooked Arm Plates: River Dreivolks
Level 60: Tattooed Band of Runes
Level 80: Elbow-bladed Chainmail Sleeves: Quest Gear
Level 90: Long-Taloned Dragon Wings: Temple of the Dark Arts
Level 103: Winged Armplates: Mists
Level 107: Manta Ray Wings: Hall of Legends

Level 2: Sturdy Wooden Bracers (str +1, blood +4): Einar mudschool
Level 15: Blood Ring
Level 20: Black Choker: Orphanage
Level 25: Blood Rose: Orphanage

Level 2: Simple Metal Armor: Einar Mud School
Level 7: Leather Jerkin
Level 10: Shiny, Cheap Suit: Asdune
Level 15: Body of the Humbulus: Forest of Humbulus
Level 15: Long Flowing Robe: Vale of Towers
Level 20: Arnathian Breastplate: Arnath
Level 24: Golden Breastplate: Arnath
Level 30: Armor of Forbidden Kingdom: Quest Item from Forbidden Kingdom
Level 30: Shiny Breastplate: Ratrem’s
Level 40: Golden Breastplate: Royal Sepulcher
Level 50: Engraved Golden Breastplate: Quest Gear (Einar)
Level 81: Heavy Dwarven Chainmail: Quest Gear (Aden)
Level 100: Armor of Aspiration: Titan’s Aspiration
Level: 140 Spiked White Battle Armor: Arnath

Quest Gear (Body):

Level 55: Smoldering Chainmail
extra flags anti-good burning anti-mage anti-cleric anti-psi anti-druid anti-necromancer anti-monk anti-shaman.
AC 15, AC -44, HP +50, dr +7

Level 10: Hydra-skin Haversack
Level 15: Satchel of Disguises (indestructable): Dread Army Camp
Level 15: Weapon Harness (-10 AC): Order of the Minotaur Knights
Level 45: Dirty Goblin Bag
Level 60: Traveler’s Haversack: Dancing Dragon
Level 80: Indestructible Box of Illusions

Level 8: Simple Copper Earring: Celoran
Level 20: Hearing Aids: Imps Hovel
Level 20: Golden Earring: Jahun’s
Level 25: Sapphire Earring: Dragon Valley
Level 31: Silver Ear Clasp: Quest Gear
Level 50: Arcane Earclasp: Ogre Slave Camp
Level 50: Inticately Carved Bone Earring: Theran Coast
Level 55: Pharoah’s Golden Earguard: Tomb of Amon Hec
Level 85: War Crest Earring: Titan’s Aspiration
Level 100: Helm’s Earguard

Level 5: Bifocals: Dancing Dragon Inn
Level 15: Master’s Spectacles
Level 18: Apple’s Eyes: Orchard
Level 30: Long Brass Scope: Quest Gear (Aden)
Level 40: Glowing Eye of the Cyclops
Level 64: Chaotic Eyes: Da’Lorn (heighten senses always in effect)
Level 71: Demon’s Fiery Glare: Quest Gear (Aden)
Level 100: Massive Golden Eyes of a Dragon: Dragon Valley
Level 102: Wild Jungle Eyes: Mists

Quest Gear (Eyes)

Demon’s Fiery Glare (Prexion QM)
extra flags indestructable nolocateHas unlimited charges of level 40 ‘fireball’ download letters for free.
DR +9, HR +8, HP +85
‘heighten-senses’ by -1, save vs spell by -25, save vs breath by -20.

Level 90: Hollow Eye Sockets
Extra flags glow invis magic indestructable .
Has unlimited charges of level 100 ‘identify’.
Wis +1, Int +1, HP +8, DR +8, HP +50, mana -25, AC -25

Level 12: Swordfish’s Sword: Ocean of Storms
Level 21: Black Steel Visor: Quest Gear (Einar)
Level 25: Colorful Mask of Invisibility: Reach Fair
Level 50: Mirrored Visor: Dulmroth Keep
Level 50: Golden Ceremonial Mask of Tubbiki
Level 60: Caldera Ceremonial Mask (+10 BP, +30 mana, +30 HP, +1 int)
Level 70: Cave Crawler Snout: Lloth’s Revenge (+40 HP, -30 AC)
Level 101: Ivory-carved Mask
Level 103: Tribal Mask

Level 5: Arnathian Boots: Arnath
Level 25: Knee-high Boots: Ratrem’s
Level 35: Heavy Leather Boots: Quest Gear
Level 45: Ruby Boots: AQ Item, Golden Stone Road
Level 60: Shadow Boots: Huskarian Workshop
Level 60: Elder Boots: Ender Center of Learning
Level 110: The flaming boots of a demon

Quest Gear (Feet):

Elder Boots (Elder Learning Center)
extra flags glow magic chaotic indestructable noauction apps downloaden iphone 11.
AC 3, Blood +75, save vs spell by -15, mana +75, AC -75, HP +75, hr +20.

Level 2: Stained Leather Gloves
Level 13: Imp’s Gloves: Imp’s Hovel
Level 15: Bladed Pruning Gloves: Halfling Vineyard
Level 35: Muralith Clawed Gauntlets: Chud Caves
Level 40: Crazed Necromancer’s Gloves: Reach Fair
Level 40: Flaming Gauntlets: Mount Blackwater
Level 40: Lava Rat Claws: Calder Lake
Level 60: Gloves of the Dead
Level 100: Clawed Dragon Paws

Quest Gear (Hands):

Level 90: Gauntlets of Blessing: Dragon Valley
Extra flags glow magic bless anti-evil anti-thief.
Spell invoke, with unlimited charges of ‘bless’ (AC 28)
HP +50, DR +10, HR +8, AC -25, Int +1.

Level 5: Iron Skullcap: Virachen Village
Level 10: Crown of Toucan Feathers: Ocean of Storms
Level 15: Imp’s Helmet: Imp’s Hovel
Level 15: Head of the Humbulus: Forest of the Humbulus
Level 16: a Crown of Leaves
Level 20: Arnathian Helmet (con +1, wis +1, AC -10): on Champions of Arnath
Level 20: Ogre Helm (str +1, ac -20 2 invokes of ogre strength): Ancestral Tree
Level 25: Long Liripipe: AQ Item, Chopping Block
Level 30: Bronze Helm of Enlightenment: Reach Fair
Level 40: Green Scale Helmet: Mount Blackwater
Level 40: Wreath of Illusions: Quest gear
Level 40: Infinity Helm: Bandit Caverns
Level 52: Flat Metal Helmet (+50 moves, +45 HP, -35 AC): Nymanth
Level 60: Jagged Crown of Black Thorns
Level 65: Kabuto Beautiful Masked Helmet: Nymanth
Level 70: Crown of the Goblins: Goblin Citadel
Level 70: Ancient Orc War Helm: Nymanth
Level 79: Lizard’s Thorny Crown
Level 100: Helm of Forethought
(wis +2, AC -40, int -1, hp +100, hr +10, sv vs breath by -5, sv vs spell by -5)
Level 101: Poisonous Head of Snakes: Mists

Quest Gear (Head):

Level 25: Holy Horns of Helern: Ancestral Tree
extra flags glow bless nolocate anti-human anti-elf anti-dwarf anti-pixie anti-halfling anti-ghoul anti-illithid anti-troll anti-shadow anti-tabaxi sketchupen gratis mac.
AC 6, AC -25, Wis +2, Int +2
Spell invoke, has [4/4] charges of ‘eternal intellect’

Level 50: The Crown of Ancient Kings: Amon Hec
extra flags glow anti-dwarf anti-pixie anti-halfling anti-lizardman anti-minotaur anti-shadow anti-psi anti-druid anti-ranger anti-shaman.
AC 13, wis +3, mana +50, AC -50.

Level 70: Ancient Orc War Helm: Nymanth – Evil Mission
extra flags dark anti-good anti-neutral noauction .
AC 20, HR +35/ DR +35, HP +70, AC-70
Affects ‘combat mind’ by -1.

Level 10:  Gnomish Thingamajig: Dancing Dragon Inn
Level 15: Bag of Pixie Dust: Ancestral Tree
Level 15: a child’s stuffed animal: Einar Orphanage
Level 30: A Claw
Level 30: Large Ladle
Level 40: Holy Scepter
Level 60: Tessen War Fan: Nymanth
Level 61: Death Tome
Level 80: Paw of a Dragon
Level 95: Astral Sphere (hp +100, moves +100, ac -50)

Level 5: Tasseled Leather Leggings: Quest Gear, Aden
Level 13: Bronze leggings: Quest Gear
Level 13: Leather trousers: Arnath
Level 20: Leather Breeches: Blood Arena
Level 40: Entropic Greaves: Domain of the Glutton
Level 60: Silver-plated bone leggings: Cleric’s Outpost
Level 90: Platinum Platemail Leggings: Quest gear

Level 1: Bright Ball of Light
Level 1: Spiritual Light
Level 5: An Everburning Torch: Dancing Dragon Inn
Level 10: Torch
Level 15: Uthra: Dragon Valley
Level 25: Blazing Orb: Ariya Monestary
Level 30: Muralith Eye: Chud Caves
Level 50: Soul Stealing Ramora Action Figure: BrightWing Valley
Level 60: Waystone: The Astral Passages
Level 80: Diamond of the Goddess Poem: Methuselah, Aden
Level 95: Hovering Sphere of Light: Quest Gear, Prexion
Level 140: Dwarven Light of Eternity: Dwarven Kingdom
(HR +40, DR +40, HP +140, AC -140)

Level 1: Gold Necklace: Tolaria
Level 3: Gold Amulet: Einar Mud School
Level 15: Wreath of Jasmine Flowers: Ocean of Storms
Level 15: Mysterious Crystal Necklace: Quest Gear
Level 30: Ruby Choker: Reach Fair
Level 30: Detailed Golden Pendant: Reach Fair
Level 40: Silver Necklace: Mt. Blackwater
Level 40: Champion’s Amulet: Blood Arena
Level 50: Amulet of Honor: Graveyard
Level 50: Dragon’s Tooth Necklace: Eastern Ocean
Level 50: Brightwing Tabard: Brightwing Valley
Level 55: Set of Sode: Nymanth
Level 61: Winter Fur Cloak: Quest Gear
Level 102: Wooden Necklace of Meditation

Level 5: Angry Hornets (wis +1): Celoran
Level 10: Golden Egg
Level 11: Glowing Bauble: Quest Gear
Level 35: Swarm of Bees: AQ, Botannical Gardens
Level 50: Bird of Paradise
Level 50: The Mind’s Eye
Level 55: Gem of Concentration (Invokes adrenaline control)
Level 70: Spirit of the Samurai
Level 80: Guardian Angel
Level 100: Whirlwind (Moves -100, mana +100, hp +100, AC -65, sv vs breath by -10)
Level 120: Monk’s chi (monk-only): Abbey of St Leucretia
Level 125: Relic Bone of Saint Leucretia: Abbey of St Leucretia

Quest Gear (Orbit)

Dark Stormcloud: Prexion QM
extra flags indestructable nolocate (AC 16)
Spell invoke, with unlimited charges of ‘chain lightning’
AC -30, mana + 75, blood +75 HP +75, fly -1 HR + 7/ DR +8.

Level 0: Gold Wedding Band
Level 1: Sprite’s Ring (con +1): Forest Shrine
Level 3: Ruby Ring: Einar Mud School
Level 15: Simple Gold Wedding Ring
Level 15: Sparkling Engagement Ring: Golden Stone Road
Level 25: Diamond & Emerald Ring: Reach Fair
Level 30: Ring of Ratrem: Ratrem’s Empire
Level 35: Platinum ring (invokes 5/5 armor)
Level 35: Magical Gemstone Ring: Quest Gear
Level 50: Bright Lunar Ring: The Graveyard, Kergan
Level 55: Band of Winds
Level 60: Bond of Nature (+30HP,AC -50,save vs spell-30): Aldebra Sirens
Level 60: Graduation Ring (Better than Bond & radiating): Last Resort Inn
Level 60: Radiating Green Ring (+6 HR,save vs spell by -7,AC -30, HP+40): Cleric’s Outpost
Level 71: Golden Band of Crackling Energy
Level 80: Elton’s Golden Signet Ring: Astral Passages
Level 100: Black Signet Ring (AC 29, sav vs spell -5, blood + 30. AC-100, mana by 100, HP +100)
Level 120: Ring of Ancient Battle (anti-alot)

Other Rings:

Level 3: Ruby Ring: Einar Mudschool
AC 1, AC -5, HP 6.
Level 15: Sparkling Engagement: Golden Stone Road
Level 15: Wedding Ring: Golden Stone Road
AC 4 hr +4, dr +5, AC -15.
Level 25: Diamond and Emerald Ring: Reach Fair
AC 8, AC-20, hr +5, dr +6.
Level 35: A Little Gilded Ring: Royal Sepulcher
AC 9, dr +10, HP 25, AC -25.
Level 60: Graduation Ring: Last Resort Inn
AC 16, HP +22, hr +16, dr +18, AC -32

Level 7: Iron Buckler
Level 10: Darkwood Buckler: Dancing Dragon Inn
Level 15: Blazing Flameshield: Quest Gear
Level 25: Wooden Shield: Realm of Glutton
Level 35: Mercenary Shield
Level 50: Golden Shield
Level 60: Blazing Shield
Level 62: Lacquered Steel Buckler: Nymanth
Level 65: Orc Tower Shield: Nymanth
Level 70: Unholy, Demonic Shield of Fire
Level 70: Ultimate Skull Shield
Level 85: Shield of Solidifed Ash
Level 100: Battered Shattershield (Retired)
Level 102: Shield of Reckoning
Level 110: Shield of Solid Ice

Level 50: Demonic Scepter of Unholy Power
extra flags evil burning anti-elf anti-pixie anti-ogre anti-troll anti-tabaxi anti-cleric anti-psi anti-bard anti-werewolf anti-monk anti-shaman.
Has 2(1) charges of level 70 ‘death field’.
HR +30, DR +40

Level 0: Knotted Tapa Loincloth
Level 5: Iron Buckle
Level 20: Mequi Loincloth
Level 25: Chief Elder’s Sash: Imps
Level 35: Gilded Skirt
Level 50: Animal Hide Loincloth
Level 60: Belt of Lost Souls: Cleric’s Outpost
Level 60: Hakama Divided Skirt: Nymanth
Level 60: Golden Sash: Last Resort
Level 75: Dragon-carved Belt Buckle: Quest Gear

Quest Gear (Waist):

Level 60: Golden Sash: Last Resort Inn
extra flags glow frosty anti-ogre anti-troll anti-werewolf.
AC 18, HP +24, dr +10, dex +2, AC -50.

Level 5: Oak Sword
Level 5: Somethings Hand
Level 6: Main Gauche: Anantis Keep
Level 7: Oak Mace
Level 8: Sturdy Longsword
Level 10: Runed Sabre
Level 10: Double Bladed Sword: Humbulus
Level 14: Fine Silver Longsword
Level 15: Shadowfang: Dancing Dragon
Level 20: A Scythe: Rosewood (can not backstab with this)
(Dam is 25-38(aver 31) HR +35/DR +35)
Level 20: Fiery Dagger:  AQ, OoS (can backstab with this)
(Dam is 25 to 35 (aver 30), [2/2] charges of ‘spiritual blessing’, HR +33, DR +40)
Level 25: Blacksmith’s Hammer: Rosewood
Level 30: Jeweled Dagger: Reach Fair
Level 30: Sword of Forbidden Kingdom (not as good as jeweled)
Level 35: Mongolian Scimitar
Level 35: Great Bardiche
Level 40: Brass Morningstar: Reach Fair
Level 46: An extremely sharp throat slasher (poisoned, frosty): The Graveyard, Kergan
Level 48:  Sharpened Bone Spear
Level 50: Drider’s Blade of Sacrifice: Methuselah, Wonderful Item shop, Aden
Level 50: Orc great-sword
Level 60: Isis Dagger: Methuselah, Wonderful Item shop, Aden
Level 70: Dark Chaos Blade: Da’lorn AQ
Level 70: Sword of Vaelen
Level 75: Dual-bladed Short Sword (+ to HR & DR)
Level 75: Vultureman’s hand (no bonuses but does more average damage)
Level 80: Angelique’s Mace of Retribution
Level 90: Diamond Broadsword: Clan of Spear
Level 90: Ruby Tipped Diamond scepter (better than mace, almost as good as Diamond Broadsword)
Level 100: Sharp Dwarven Sword
Level 120: Dagger of Fire
Level 125: Staff of Elements (higher overall damage, but no HP or AC bonnuses)
Level 140: Backstabber
Level 160: Avenger of Death: Caverns of Maedaer
Level 165: Tarrasque Claws: Caverns of Maeder
Level 180: A Resonating Dagger: Gnomish Airship

Other Swords:

Level 30: Sword of the Forbidden Kingdom: Forbidden Kingdom
extra flags glow noauction,
Object morph invoke, with [1/1] charges.
Damage is 28 to 36 (average 32).
HR +30, DR +50

Level 50: An Orc Great-Sword: Nymanth
extra flags evil burning chaotic anti-dwarf anti-pixie anti-halfling anti-shadow anti-mage anti-psi anti-druid anti-monk.
Damage is 45 to 60 (average 52).
Wis -2, Int -4, HR -50, DR +150, Mana by -100.

Level 60: Polished Steel Cuirass
anti-pixie anti-minotaur anti-troll anti-shadow anti-mage anti-psi anti-druid anti-necromancer anti-shaman.
Spell invoke, has [3/3] charges of ‘fireshield’
AC -50, HP + 50, HR +5, DR +10 (AC 15)

Level 160: Avenger of Death
extra flags glow poisoned burning noauction .
Damage is 145 to 230 (average 187).
HR +210, DR +250.

Level 165: Tarrasque Claws
extra flags glow hum poisoned burning .
Damage is 200 to 250 (average 225).
HR+ 100., DR +100.

Level 180: A Resonating Dagger
(burning, frosty, indestructible)
Damage is 300 to 360 (average 330)
Str +1, DR +270, DR +270

Level 5: Gold Bracelet: Wayne, Prex armory
Level 23: Golden Armband
Level 30: Muralith Wrist Guard: Chud Caves
Level 30: Leather Thakiss Bracer: Thakiss Swamp
Level 49: Drow Elemental Bracer: Ogre Slave Camp
Level 60: Resort Bracer: Last Resort Inn
Level 70: Goblin Amulet (22 hr 40 save vs spell -10 DR 15)
Level 85: Golden Cufflink (+ HR/DR, -AC)
Level 90: Reinforced Kelp Bracer (+HP, -AC, -Save vs spell)
Level 98: Chain of Stars

Other Wrist:

Level 12: Conan’s Power Bracer: Forest of Night
AC 6, Str +1

Level 30: Muralith Wrist Guard: Chud Caves
extra flags anti-ogre anti-demon anti-minotaur anti-troll .
AC 9, AC -18, hr +13, dr +7

Level 60: Resort Bracer: Last Resort Inn
extra flags glow indestructable frosty noauction anti-werewolf.
HR +15/ DR +15, Mana +50, HP +60, AC -71.

Tips and Tricks:

Wearing 2 Sprite Rings and Simple Metal armor is a very efficient way to maximize your Constitution score as early as possible, giving you +3 at level 2!

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