Dragonstone Classes


Available Classes:



The Mage class is a spellcasting class devoted primarily toward control over the elements. The universe contains an unmeasured power that the Mage taps into to influence the world. Mage spells are devoted to the invoking, hermetic, and combative nature. Mages fare a little better than their Cleric counterparts in hand-to-hand combat, though they much prefer to stand back and roast their enemies with a fireball app store herunterladen android.

Human, Elf, Pixie, Shadow, Elder, Illithid, Drow


The Cleric class is a spellcasting class devoted primarily toward defense. A deity gives the Cleric spells in the curing, warding, and protection divinities. Clerics being of a defensive nature fare poorly in the art of mortal combat. They much prefer to be civil servants to society or doctors to their comrades in arms.

Human, Dwarf, Halfling, Elf, Pixie, Troll, Elder, Illithid, Drow, Tabaxi, Ogre


The Thief class can be characterized as a Warrior who dropped out of school to pursue more “profitable” means of living apps downloaden windows 7. These wirey persons have physical endurance slightly less than that of a Warrior but are much more agile. Whereas a Warrior uses well placed weapon slashes, a Thief seeks to DISARM his opponent. Thieves also excel in the art of stealth. An unwary opponent might not detect a Thief until a BACKSTAB is attempted. To achieve success in this, the skills SNEAK and HIDE are learned. With a Thief’s PICK LOCK and POISON WEAPON skill, a Thief also makes the perfect assassin for political powerhouse.

Human, Dwarf, Halfling, Elf, Pixie, Shadow, Drow, Tabaxi


The Warrior class is the most basic fighting class available popcorn herunterladen. Their battle training along with high strength and high hit points make them very formidable in hand to hand combat. Warriors train in the art of multiple attacks, some mastering up to five attacks at the highest levels. Along with this training in multiple attacks, a Warrior is trained in making each hit count. ENHANCED DAMAGE is available to only the learned. Toward the defense side of the Warrior, skills of PARRY, RESCUE and BASH DOOR allow the Warrior to ward off attacks, rush to the aid of fellow comrades, and open doors rather barbarically.

Human, Dwarf, Minotaur, Elf, Troll, Ghoul, Lizardman, Drow, Demon, Tabaxi, Ogre


The Psionicist class is a spellcasting class similar to Mages and Clerics but with several important differences youtube videos auf macbook herunterladen. Where a Mage’s power comes from harnessing external energies present in all matter, and a Cleric’s comes from his or her deity, the Psionicist derives all of his or her power from within. The Psionisist harnesses, shapes, and utilizes the natural forces which infuse his or her own being. As a result, many of the devotions that a Psionisist can practice are strictly personal in effect, and cannot be used on other players.

Disclaimer: The Psionicist class was originally developed by Thelonius (EnvyMud) from ‘The Complete Psionics Handbook’ by Steve Winter, published by TSR, Inc gold rush download kostenlos. Skills and spells described therein will be quite similar to those here, though the interpretation has been changed to coincide with a MERC DIKU MUD. Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome.

Human, Elf, Shadow, Elder, Illithid, Drow, Demon


Druids are a powerful nature based class. Their intimate knowledge of the land allows them to draw magic from it. They use nature as their ally, controlling it and shaping it to fit their needs. Druids are the priests of nature, and the guardians and protectors of the forests.

Human, Minotaur, Elf, Pixie, Elder


The Ranger is a class devoted primarily towards hand-to-hand combat. The Ranger has a powerful affiliation with nature and receives limited spells from the Druid class repetoire. Though the Ranger does not have as many multiple attacks as the Warrior, his spellcasting ability makes the Ranger a formidable foe. Few can best a prepared Ranger.

Human, Dwarf, Elf, Lizardman, Drow, Tabaxi


The Paladin is an incredible fighter that lives by his deeds. As strong as a Warrior, the Paladin fairs well in battle. His skills in the art of healing others make him an excellent player to group with. With luck, tales of a Paladin’s deeds will live long after that Paladin has ceased to exist.

Human, Lizardman, Minotaur


Although he is not unfamiliar with weapon combat, the Monk believes in fighting with what their god has given them. In the form of the martial arts, the Monk uses his hands as his weapons and defense system. The power of the mind is also one of the Monks high points.

Human, Dwarf, Elf, Tabaxi


The Shaman Class is based on Shamans from long forgotton ancient tribes. The Shaman’s spells and skills revolve around ancient spirits and rely heavily on magical dexterity. Possessing the ability to move extremely fast at a young age, they are a very powerful addition to DragonStone.

Human, Elf, Pixie, Elder


Bards are travelling minstrels, collecting tales and lore wherever they happen to be. They are extremely curious and have a deep wanderlust. They usually form their stories into songs. Bards rarely stay in one place too long. On their many journeys, Bards have become jacks of all trades, but masters of none. They possess many spells and skills from the different classes gathered as they wandered.

Bards possess the gift for words and singing. Their voices and songs possess great powers. They SING their songs in preparation of battle, during battle, and after to protect, destroy and heal.

Human, Elf


The Vampire is a class that owns the night. Their spells are focused on draining the life from the living. They get their power from the blood of others. Vampires possess the spell Dark Blessing,which greatly increases hit points and damage roll. Vampires are powerful fighters that also receive the dual wield skill. A Vampire has a huge disadvantage in the sunlight, and must be indoors to be safe from the sun’s harmful light during the daylight hours.

Human, Halfling, Minotaur, Elf, Pixie, Shadow, Troll, Lizardman, Drow, Demon, Tabaxi, Ogre


The romancer of the undead causes pain, death and rebirth in the form of a tainted soul in unrest. They possess powers to drain energy from corpses and animate them to their will. Possessing dark magic to feed off the living and the dead, Necromancers are feared throughout life… and death.

Human, Shadow, Elder, Ghoul, Illithid, Drow, Demon


Werewolves are the beastly killers of the realm. Using their claws and jaws to fight, they have become more than equal adversaries to the warriors of the lands. They use all sort of tactics to frighten their opponents into not fighting at their peak level.

Human, Dwarf, Halfling, Minotaur, Troll, Ghoul, Lizardman, Demon, Ogre

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