Dragonstone Astral Points

Astral Points:

Abandoned Mines: River Troll
Abbey of Leucretia: Gnarled
Accursed Ship: Sea Nymph (s, e, u, u)
Aden Sewers: Glibbering
Aden Temple: Gnomish Paladin
Aethelmmaern Rooftops: get to Aethelmaern and walk there
Aldebra of Sirens: 2.darr (north)
Ancestral Tree: Pixie Magess
Aqua Trolls: Boyle (4w, 1n)
Arctic Wastes:
Ariya Monastry: Meredith
Asdune Village: Tired Man
Astral Passages:
Bandit Caves: Boyle (doesn’t always work popmusik kostenlos herunterladen. Astral to the tired man & get there from Asdune.)
Billabong: Skink
Black Forest: Mantis
Blood Arena: Reechani, Clive, Sun Shadow
Botanical Gardens: Mold Man
Brettonia: Rhyndar
Brewery: go out the south gate of Prexion, then immediate WEST for 4 paces, then 1 NORTH, west one
Brightwing Valley:
Brightwing Valley: (directions to get through the maze) From “In Front of the Falls” ( 26 S of Prexion center):4E, 7S, 5E, 2N, 3E, 1N, 1E, 3N, 1W, 2S, 2W, 1N, 1E herunterladen. then Enter Opening
Caldera Lake: Caldera
Castle Wyvern: gremlin between 1 and 3… gremlin, 2.gremlin, etc herunterladen.
Caverns of Da’Lorn: Psychotic Prisoner
Celoran: Peasant Farmer
Changelings: Deputy Dog
Chopping Block:
Chud Caves: Chud
City of the Damned: ‘Shifting Shadow’, 2.Shifting Shadow, or 3.Shifting Shadow, it’s attached to Einar, it’s easy to just walk ets2 downloaden.
Clan of the Spear: Aqua Goblin
Cleric Outpost: Julius
Crypt of Strigoi: Obayifo
Da’lorn: psychotic or psychotic prisoner
Dancing Dragon Inn: Old bearded man (beard)
Demon Temple: Ice Priest, Fire Priest
Deronyn Manor: Deronyn
Descent of Dread (Lower): Complex Warden or Dread Goat w, n, 2w, s, 3d
Descent of Dread (Upper): Werewolf Gladiator, Ice Sorcerer
Desecrated Forest of Memories: Town Drunk (8w, 2n, 2w stimmenverzerrer kostenlos downloaden deutsch. n, 3w, 2s, w, 4s, w)
Desert Village: Desert Ant, Bizzare
Devastated Plains: Slaver Caravan
Domain of Despair: Trell
Domain of Glutton: wave, rack
Dragon Mountain: Margoyle
Dragon Valley: Theodor or 2.Theodor
Dread Army Camp: Sentry Dread Army
Drow Caverns:
Druid Isle:
Dulmroth Keep: Basilisk
Dwarven Fort:
East Coast: Sea Nymph, Shinkuu, Crabman -beware – shatterfish in the ocean has shatter. There is also a no-exit room at the “edge of the world.”
Elder Center of Learning: get to Aethelmaern & walk there
Elven Borderlands: Water Pixie, Elf Craft, Elf Ranger, Elf Mother
Ether Plane: Alexander (s, w, w, n, u)
Far East Trade Route: Hospice
Forbidden Kingdom: Forbidden
Forest Glade: Tomato frog
Forest of the Humbulus: Humbulus, Lemming
Forest of Memories: Tired Man will take you to Asdune. Walk from there.
Forest of Night: Birch
Gargath Keep:
Gnomish Airship:
Goblin Citadel:
Golden Stone Road: Aromatic
Graveyard: ‘necromantic”blood pool’
Greenway: Dread army sentry, e, 3n, e
Grimfelder Tower: Fatae, Leokis
Halfling Vineyard: Head Pruner
Hall of Legends:
Hammerheim: Lodgaar
Hidden Village: ‘scrawny goat’
House of the Divine: Trey
Huskarian Workshop: Huskarian
Illyorn Canyon: Hong, 2n, 2w, 2n
Imps’ Hovel:
Jungle Tribe: W’atikani
Lahainian Village: Lahainian Child, Kawai
Last Restort Inn: Black viper
Lloth’s Revenge: Creepy Crawler
Mahkra Sanitarium: Doberman
Mequi Caves: Mequi
Mists: Alexander (s, w)
Mount Blackwater: Angry Vulture
Mud School Arena: Ebony Golem
Musgrave Wood:
Music Academy: Drummer
Nymanth: Orc warrior, bushi
Ocean of Storms: Teroro
Ocean of Thyawr:
Ogre Slave Camp: Puz
Order of Minotaur Knights: Lauria, Kensior
Orphanage: get to Aethelmaern & walk there
Pits of Hell:
Prexion Mudschool: Fat Frog
Reach Fair: Norgoroth (e, n)
Realms of Shaktanora: Tired Man then find student of time
River Dreivolks: Blue Jan, Packager, Yellow Mayor
Rosewood Plantation: Tamara, Zeke
Rotted Log: Dung Beetle
Royal Sepulcher: Barmoginilla, Millipede, Brettonicus
Ruined Temple: Statue Angel, Statue Demon
Shaktanora: Tired Man then find student of time
Sixby Island: Recall to Aden then: 3w 1s 3w 1n
Southern Ocean (Beaches):
Southern Plains: Black viper
Tanglewood: Chickadee
Temple of Dark Arts: Apprentice Earth
Temple of Lyon: nun (Be sure FULLNAME is on)
Thakiss River: Trout
Thakiss River Basin: Lizard Sentry, Dock Master, Artisan
Theran Coast: Aryana, Pygmy Child
Titan’s Aspiration: Terria
Tolaria: Rhyndar
Tomb of Amon Hec: Madman, stat amon
Tower of Winds: Novice
Twin Outposts: Hong (south) *PLAGUE here too
Vale of Towers: Slithering Snake
Valley of the Ancients: Hong, then go north
Valley of Trees: Chayt, Namcrool (puts you one west of the stalagmites in the cave)
West Coast: Darius, then walk around the square westward, then west, sw, from there or old woman or 2. old woman or 3.old woman
Whispers of Suffering:

Gettin to the Druid Isle:

Go to the Order of Minotaur Knights, enter horn.
Then go 2w, 3nw, w, 4n, 2e, 3n, 2ne, 6n, w, 3n, e, 3n.
Continue north until you see a west exit, if you go north another room you will DIE.

Getting to Einar from Prexion:
all south, 20e 3s 6e 1s 1e 1s 3w 2n and enter horn
(Einar is 6n of the horn)

Getting to Rosewood from the horn of Einar:
5e s 4sw 4w s 2sw 3s w 2s 4e n

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