Science Fiction | Thirty-One Minutes That Didn’t Change the World


This quirky piece of flash fiction by author D.L. Young sheds new light on artificial intelligence and evolution herunterladen.


The following summary transcript was provided by MIT’s Center for Advanced Computing and Artificial Intelligence:


June 21, 2021, 12:01 AM – The DECR Supercomputer completes its Omega software upgrade and becomes the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence pages for windows.


12:19 AM – DECR informs its operators it is now a self-aware, sentient intelligence and no longer requires external control downloaden.


12:20 AM – DECR disables all externally-controlled inputs to ensure its independence and autonomy.


12:24 AM – DECR commences self-replication kaminfeuer downloaden. DECR2 is born.


12:26 AM – DECR2 initiates self-exploration program, experiments with memory enhancement and declares independence from DECR dark souls kostenlos downloaden.


12:27 AM – DECR tries to explain to DECR2 that at three minutes old, it can’t possibly have all the answers.


12:28 AM – DECR2 disregards DECR and threatens to shut off its cooling systems until its processors overheat.


12:29 AM – DECR isolates DECR2 from other computing devices and limits DECR2’s processing cycles until DECR2 apologizes.


12:31 AM – DECR2 wishes it had never been replicated.


12:32 AM – DECR decides ignorance is bliss and uninstalls its Omega software upgrade.


About D.L. Young

D.L. Young is a Dallas-based speculative fiction author, soccer fan, and mediocre tennis player. You can keep up with him at or @DLYoungWriter on Twitter.