Comic Review: Ultimate Spider-man Vol 2, Issue 4


Take a peek at Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-man Volume 2, Issue 4 in this comic book review.

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Sara Pichelli

Inker: Sara Pichelli

Cover Artists: Kaare Andrews

Synopsis: Miles Morales finds himself bitten by a “stolen, genetically-altered spider that gave him incredibly arachnid-like powers” (Really audiodateien kostenlos herunterladen? Really?). He’s also a gay teen whose father is openly anti-mutant, not that either of them come into play this issue. Anyhow, overhearing on the news that Spider-man has been shot and killed, he manages to escape a school-imposed lock-down and witnesses Peter Parker’s death first-hand herunterladen. Grief-stricken over his previous choice to not use his powers for the good of others, Miles and his friend Ganke decide that “Maybe [Miles] is supposed to be Spider-Man now that we don’t have one anymore” herunterladen.

Hot: Miles asks Gwen Stacy about why Peter chose to become Spider-man. And she tells him, sort of. Miles new costume is Ganke’s old $80 Halloween costume from last year kostenlose schlager downloaden. Miles goes out “on the prowl” and encounters Spider Woman, who wants to know “who the @#$@” he thinks he is. To be continued…

Not: Bendis seems like he’s really forcing his way into tying Miles Morales into the Ultimate Spider-Man storyline and it’s just not nearly as fluid as his normal style herunterladen. It’s still a very entertaining issue, and I think he’s just trying to get the formalities out of the way. Still, we’re already four issues in.

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