Comic Book Review: Punisher MAX 19

Punished Max 19 gets unveiled in this comic book review.

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Steve Dillon

Inker: Steve Dillon

Cover Artist: Dave Johnson

Synopsis: The Punisher steals Richard Fisk’s coffin out of the cemetery, but why windows server 2016 updates nicht automatisch herunterladen?

The Kingpin has become a shadow of his former self, initially wallowing in bed rather than going after The Punisher. Elektra whips him back into shape and reminds him of the ruthless man he used to be herunterladen.

Just what is Vanessa Fisk plotting, and have her plans back-fired?

Hot: Punisher pukes in the first panel while about to carry a casket windows xp downloaden gratis nederlands. What got to him? “It’s not his smell at all. It’s mine.” Also, the Marvel MAX line continues to deliver gritty tales (i.e., they swear a lot and it’s uncensored) app. Somehow it doesn’t out of place in a Punisher comic. There’s a nice parallel drawn between The Punisher and The Kingpin, and while I’m not sure I agree with the portrayal, it’s a nice touch studydrive herunterladen.

Not: Steve Dillon’s art continues to baffle me as every character has the exact same face. Frank Castle has the same sneer as Wilson Fisk. Elektra looks like Vanessa Fisk with a different wig. And that’s just on the first page.

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