Comic Book Review: Action Comics, vol 2 Issue 3



Does Actions Comics volume 2, issue 3 bring the “action” or is it a lame duck? Find out in this comic book review herunterladen.

Writer: Grant Morrison

Artist: Rags Morales and Gene Ha

Inker: Rick Bryant and Gene Ha

Cover Artists: Rags Morales and Brad Anderson

Synopsis: With DC’s relaunch, we find the new Superman introduced as a less-powerful hero being hunted by the authorities easytax 2018. The general public doesn’t even believe he exists, although proof is beginning to surface. Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen are reporters trying to fight corruption, working for The Daily Star, a smaller upstart paper as opposed to world leader The Daily Planet, owned by Glen Glenmorgan and published by Perry White motocross spiele kostenlos herunterladen.

Hot: The reboot seems to be working well, breathing fresh new life into the book. Depowering Superman was a brilliant decision, so they can only go up from here. However, the storyline seems to be “influenced” rather heavily by another character…

Not: There are just too many parallels between this book and the earliest Spider-man comics. It’s almost a blatant rip-off, something I’d not expect from talented Grant Morrison. The Planet is actively against Superman, just like J. Jonah Jameson was against Spider-man. We even have a scene where he tries to save a little girl and her cat from an oncoming truck, where he gets pelted with a brick and a bottle by a mob formed from out of nowhere (only the girl and the cat in one panel, and a scene from Frankenstein in the next). In one panel, we get a shirtless, sobbing Clark Kent, in his room clutching a picture of Clark on Pa Kent’s knee while his Superman outfit is stuffed into a nearby trash bin. “Ma. Pa. I’m so sorry. I tried”. Not hard enough.

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