Magic the Gathering Spoiler – Duel Decks – Venser vs. Koth – Decklist

This Magic the Gathering spoiler is a deck list for the duel deck Venser vs. Koth.

The latest installment of Wizards of the Coast’s popular Duel Decks, “Venser vs. Koth”, is set to make its retail release on March 30, with a MSRP of 19.99 (available in English and Japanese). The decklist has been officially released this week:

Venser’s deck: “Evade and Shimmer

Creatures (23)

Spells (13)

Lands (24)

Koth’s deck “Erupt and Overwhelm

Creatures (21)

Spells (14)

Lands (25)

  • 25 Mountain

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