Comic Book Review: Incredible Hulk, vol 4, Issue 2

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This comic book review takes a look at Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk volume 4, Issue #2.


Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Marc Silvestri, Whilce Portacio, Billy Tan, Michael Broussard, Eric Basaldua

Inker: Scott Hanna, Joe Weems, Rick Basaldua, Jay Leisten, Don Ho, and Crimelab Syndicate

Cover Artists: Marc Silvestri and Joe Weems


The Hulk has finally found a way to separate himself from his inner monster, Bruce Banner herunterladen! Bruce is desperately trying to reunite himself with the Hulk, or to recreate his former self. Amanda Von Doom (“no relation to that other, more infamous Von Doom”) makes an appearance, and tries to convince Hulk to help her go after Bruce Banner, who has become something of a mad scientist mp3von youtube downloaden.

Hot: As the (normal, non-incentive) cover depicts, the Hulk fights sharks! …and, pretty much for no reason.

Not: The art looks phenomenal, but just look at the list of names involved herunterladen! This isn’t really a knock against the book but it’s weird to see a total of 12 artists to pencil, finish, and ink a 20-page book.


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