**G.I. Joe: Retaliation – UPDATE** With just a few weeks left until its release date, Paramount Studios shockingly announced that it was going to delay the movie until NEXT summer in order to add rage-inducing (at least on my part) 3-D conversion to the film. Later that same week, it was also speculated that the studio wanted to “reshoot” certain scenes. namely the ones where 2012’s IT guy, Channing Tatum were killed off in the first ten minutes of the film. Whatever the reason, audiences will have to wait until next spring to for real American heroes to kick some ass. After all, knowing’s half the battle herunterladen.

With the highly anticipated and wildly hyped fractured fairy tale, Snow White and the Huntsman hitting theaters today, the summer season is in full swing. Which only means that choices at the crammed marquees will be tougher and tougher to make. Which of these big Summer movies are worth seeing this summer? That’s anyone’s call! What you see below is a quick look at the biggest and most anticipated films of  June, July, and August, complete with trailers. So take a quick perusal and until next time, keep it Garbled!


7) The Amazing Spider-Man


The Pitch: Spidey goes back to formula once more…with feeling metin2 p server german for free.

The Buzz: My ‘been there, done that’ sense is tingling.

The Pros: The Nolan-esque mood in the trailers promises at least that this won’t be your older brother’s Spider-Man. The acclaimed cast is impressive and casting Sally Field as Aunt May is inspired to say the least.

The Cons: The last time audiences saw Spidey go emo, we got Peter Parker doing Danny Zuco from Saturday Night Fever. Also, the CGI-heavy Lizard may not be the best choice of villain for the reboot.

The Forecast: In order to succeed, Amazing Spider-Man has to be the Batman Begins to Spider-Man 3’s Batman & Robin. Does the stellar cast and indie upstart director, Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) have what it takes to make this movie truly amazing?

Box Office Prediction: Comic movie reboots have had a shaky track record at the box office to say the least microsoft works 10 kostenlosen. The Hulk, The Punisher and even the Man of Steel himself have all floundered with relaunch attempts.  Even Batman took eight years to outlive the stench left by an atrocious previous installment. Not to mention that despite the fact that Spider-Man 3 was a bloated mess, it still doesn’t tarnish what many consider to be one of the best comic book franchises in history. So here’s to hoping that the movie lives up to its superlative surname.


8 ) The Dark Knight Rises


The Pitch: The Dark Knight returns with Bane and Catwoman.

The Buzz: Through the Bat-roof.

The Pros: Where do I begin? Christopher Nolan’s spotless track record and a four-year waiting period have fans foaming at the mouth download the siedler 3. That and the last chapter of the story just so happened to be The Dark Knight.

The Cons: The absence of Ledger’s Joker is certain to be missed. Bane’s nearly indecipherable tone from the first trailer has been adjusted but is still bound to draw similar ire from those who had a problem with Bale’s Bat-growl from The Dark Knight. Also can Nolan make lightning strike twice with the re-imagining of yet another Burton creation, the sultry and deadly Catwoman played to purr-fection by Michelle Pfeiffer in 1992’s, Batman Returns?

The Forecast: As awesomely fun as The Avengers was, The Dark Knight Rises is still on track to becoming the must-see film of the summer season (right up there with Prometheus)

Box Office Prediction: With the box-office for The Avengers on the fast track to toppling the record set by four years ago by The Dark Knight, DKR has its pointy eared work cut out for it.  However, with the expectations set sooo high, can anything short of Titanic level returns really even begin to measure up to those (somewhat unrealistic) standards singstar download songs.

That being said, the last chapter of a film trilogy tends to do quite well just by virtue of being a book-end to the story/franchise. So my overall guess is that The Dark Knight Rises will be a pretty safe bet.

9) Bourne Legacy


The Pitch: Bourne Inc.

The Buzz: So far oddly lukewarm, however it’s only June.

The Pros: Renner is on one helluva winning streak after scoring back-to-back blockbusters with The Avengers and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The trailers are slick and many of the franchise favorites such as David Strathairn and Joan Allen are reprising roles.

The Cons: Inheriting a franchise is always a sticky business and few and far between are able to do it successfully digital stamps. Not to mention both Greengrass and Damon have openly criticized the project.

The Forecast: Cautiously tucked away into a back-end August slot, Legacy could turn out to be an either a sleeper hit or snoozer at the box-office. We’ll have to see how starved for action audiences are after the release of The Dark Knight Rises.

Box Office Prediction: I don’t know which side of the fence this film will fall on honestly. Even with the much-maligned departure of Damon and Supremacy and Ultimatum director, Paul Greengrass, there may just be enough juice left in this hyper-kinetic franchise to squeeze out a late summer hit. Here’s to hoping that Renner has what it takes to fill Jason Bourne’s amnesiac shoes.


10) Total Recall


The Pitch: Total Recall 2.0 (Mars and Ah-nuld not included)

The Buzz: Excitement shockingly enough tomtom updates herunterladen.

The Pros: Drastic departure from the original in just about every way. Brings a completely different feel with Farrell in the lead role and the trailers have a Blade Runner/Minority Report level of coolness to them.

The Cons: Farrell bombed with the Fright Night remake last summer (through no fault of his own, I might add) The film could be yet another casualty from the growing trend of remake fatigue.

The Forecast: August track records have shown that films released near the end of summer are always a gamble when it comes to box-office successes.

Box Office Prediction: I think that this film has all of the right ingredients for blockbuster status; action tested director (Len Wiseman), smoking hot co-stars (Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel) and a cool mind-bender of a plot mac ordner herunterladen. I’m not sold at all on the notion that Total Recall will be raking in the bucks later this summer. Farrell’s Fright Night remake had all of the right moves as well and was met with lukewarm box-office returns. Hopefully, sci-fi will treat him much more friendly than horror did.


11) Expendables 2

The Pitch: More AARP action stars dust off their cobwebs and this time it’s personal.

The Buzz: Middling at best.

The Pros: More stars (Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris), bigger roles for Schwarzenegger and Willis and of course more explosions!!

The Cons: Judging by the latest trailer, it very much appears to be more of the same. However, will the novelty of the nostalgia entice audiences to return for the sequel spotify library?

The Forecast: The original was an amazing sleeper hit, late summer 2010, grossing somewhere in the neighborhood of $275 million dollars. (probably because the expectations were so low) Trotting out ‘new’ (and I use the term very loosely) cast members like Van Damme and Norris might just be enough for fans of the first one to return.

Box Office Prediction:  I was not a fan at all of the first installment, and not because it was a bad movie per se. Just because it felt like it was about 15 years too late. However, EX2 seems poised to perform well at the very least for opening weekend. With an even more bloated cast this time around, I highly doubt that the sequel will allow anything like plot, character development or logic to get in its way herunterladen. However, this 50+ film is not alone, Taken and RED both have sequels in the works. Proving that the Baby Boomers along with the Gen-Xers don’t mind some good clean mindless cheesy fun from time to time.

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