Thor 2 gets (another) director.

“Whosoever sits in this chair, if they be worthy, shall direct the sequel of Thor.”

Ever since Kenneth Branagh strangely abandoned the director’s chair last summer, it seems as though there has been a quest of mythical proportions to find someone to keep this slot occupied igi kostenlos downloaden. Just recently it was reported that Monster director, Patty Jenkins, parted ways with the House of Mouse under the ‘go f*ck yourself’ safety net of creative differences’, much to very publicized chagrin of leading lady Natalie ‘Why am I in this movie again?’ Portman herunterladen.

Now anyone who follows filmmaking knows that it’s not usually a good sign to see a roulette wheel of directors come and go for a film before it even starts filming, (the Wolverine sequel immediately springs to mind.)

Now it is Disney’s notorious reputation to shoot-first / write script later, to blame for the delay or is something else behind it how to download music for free on youtube. Knowing that the film already has a release date of November, 15th 2013 and a tentative production start date for this upcoming spring, maybe the culprit is simply standard Hollywood fast tracking games for free in full german tablet? Right now, that’s anyone’s guess.

As it stands right now, there seems to be a winner. reported this weekend that the director’s slot was finally filled by veteran TV director Alan Taylor how can I download whatsapp for free. Taylor has directed everything from Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire to The Sopranos, but it was more than likely that his most recent work on HBO’s Emmy-winning, ‘A Game of Thrones’ that landed him the coveted position goa music for free. Hopefully, his time spent in Winterfell will ultimately make Taylor a good fit for the film.

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