Danny Trejo is a Bad-Ass!


Upon reading the title to this article, the common response may be, ‘Tell us something we don’t know.’ After spending nearly twenty years languishing in gang member, convict or “isn’t-that-the-guy-from?” roles, Danny ‘Machete’ Trejo is finally getting his time in the spotlight herunterladen. Slashfilm.com posted the trailer for his newest film, Bad-Ass, last weekend and damn does it look…well…bad ass download the austrian font. Who says there’s no truth in advertising?



Trejo portrays retired Vietnam vet, Frank Vega automatically windows 10 updates. He’s a lean, mean, Social Security collecting, fighting machine based loosely on real life fanny-pack rocking bus vigilante Thomas Bruso aka the YouTube phenom, Epic Beard Man from back in 2010 large file for testing. While the real Bruso, seemed a little less ‘with it’ and something more of menace back in Oakland, CA. Trejo’s character however is depicted as far more of an anti-hero determined to get his Bronson on after his best friend Klondike (you heard right, Klondike) is killed and the police cannot or will not find his friend’s killer skype downloaden und installieren.

The teaser trailer boosts a lot of action scenes featuring Trejo kicking ass and taking names all over the City of Angels. The film looks very reminiscent of recent low-budget grindhouse films like Hobo With a Shotgun, Dear God No! and Trejo’s own nacho cheese spectacular, Machete, which is just fine by me.

Charles S. ‘Roc’ Dutton and Ron ‘Hellboy’ Perlman are also along for the ride. Bad Ass does not have a release date yet.

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