TV’s Top 12 Dearly Departed in 2011



Yet another year draws to a close in the vast landscape that we have come to know as TV Land audioboeken downloaden gratis nederlands. As we’ve all learned with each passing year, we inevitably have to say ‘goodbye’ to those that will not be there to join us in the New Year. Today on Huffington Post, they ran a quick rundown of TV shows as well as beloved TV characters that meet an untimely fate in year 2011 zeitmietverträge kostenlos downloaden.

With the advent of the ‘mid-season replacement’ or ‘fall finale’ (TV’s politically correct way of saying, don’t hold your breath) it seems that we never quite have the time to get accustomed with plenty of shows herunterladen. The smorgasbord is so broad that shows I started to watch on or OnDemand have met their fate before I’ve even gotten up to speed. Whatever the reason, it’s always sad to see a favorite show or character get put out to pasture, whether it was pre-destined or due to the most callous of killers, low ratings entspannungsmusik download herunterladen. It’s also disheartening to see that some perennial underdogs being left in limbo (hang in there, Community!)

So if you’d prefer to leave the bad news until Jan orgin. 2nd than I would recommend bypassing this list until your NYE hangover has worn off completely. Those of you that would like to hear the bad news now, then tally ho! See you all next year…

Here’s my own personal list of faves or just guilty pleasures that have gone to that big network in the sky :

1.     Hung (HBO)  – 2009 -2011

2.     Bored To Death (HBO)  – 2009 -2011

3.     Men of a Certain Age (TNT)  – 2009 -2011

4.     In Treatment (HBO)  – 2009 -2011

5.     Terriers (FX)  – 2010 – 2011

6.     United States of Tara (Showtime)  – 2009 -2011

7.     Brothers & Sisters (ABC)  – 2006 -2011

8.     Batman: The Brave & The Bold (Cartoon Network)  – 2008 -2011

9.     Cold Case (CBS)  – 2003 -2011

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