The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Flop

Over this past holiday weekend, The Hollywood Reporter listed the top 15 biggest box-office failures of the year and shockingly none of them are all really that much of a surprise herunterladen. Maybe my X-mas egg nog was spiked with a little too much holiday cheer yesterday but somehow my heart grew three sizes this weekend. That being said solely using this list as evidence, I’ve decided give Tinseltown not one, not two but THREE ways to fix the hemorrhage of box-office receipts zdf mediathek herunterladen vlc. Now take it or leave it Hollywood, but don’t say I didn’t tell you.

#1: Been There, Done That

Stop with films that literally give us the same plots and setups and as other films herunterladen. Mars Needs Moms, Larry Crowne, The Change-Up are all the same formulas that we not only have seen before but seen done waaaay better. Hollywood, you’re often known for trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear netflix folge auf laptop downloaden. However, judging by the state of things maybe it’s time to upgrade your material.

#2: Remakes, No Mas

Three of the top 15 alone are remakes and none, I repeat none of the remakes released this year earned more than $60 million in box-office this year and believe it or not the highest grossing remake of 2011 was Footloose amazon music on pc. My Pysch 101 class always taught me that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting something different. So enough with the crazy and give audiences something new herunterladen.

#3: Big Names Does Not Equal Big Box Office

Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Craig, Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey and all two thousand cast members of New Year’s Eve tried and failed, miserably, to create box office smashes based solely on star power alone windows 10 updates automatisch downloaden. If this isn’t evidence enough that moviegoers really aren’t as stupid as you treat them then think again. Even almost sure-fire bets like Green Lantern and Cowboys & Aliens folded under the bloated hubris of their own productions online videoen youtube.

So that’s my gift you this year Hollywood and please don’t say that I never gave you anything. See you next year.


Here’s the Top 15 Biggest Underperformers of the Year according to The Hollywood Reporter:

1.     Mars Needs Moms – Budget: $150M; Global Gross: $39M

2.     Sucker Punch – Budget: $82M; Global Gross: $89.8M

3.     Arthur – Budget: $40M; Global Gross: $45.7M

4.     Green Lantern – Budget: $200M; Global Gross: $219.9M

5.     Cowboys & Aliens – Budget: $163M; Global Gross: $178.8M

6.     Glee: The 3D Concert Movie – Budget: $9M; Global Gross: $18.7M

7.     Conan the Barbarian – Budget: $90M; Global Gross: $48.8M

8.     I Don’t Know How She Does It – Budget: $24M; Global Gross: $30.5M

9.     The Thing – Budget: $38M; Global Gross: $27.4M

10.  The Big Year – Budget: $41M; Global Gross: $7.4M

11.  The Rum Diary – Budget: $45M; Global Gross: $21.6M

12.  Anonymous – Budget: $30M; Global Gross: $14.8M

13.  Tower Heist – Budget: $75M; Global Gross: $126.3M

14.  Happy Feet Two – Budget: $135M; Global Gross: $115M

15.  New Year’s Eve – Budget: $56M; Global Gross: $54.9M

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Dorjan Javas Williams has been in Film/Video production for 8+ years. Starting out as an intern and then a production assistant for several production companies in the Miami area, he has worked on set for all types of productions ranging from independent films, student films, music videos, documentaries, commercials, red carpet events and reality shows. Over the years, he has followed his passion to Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Philadelphia, Chicago, Tampa even London. Recently, he has even taken on the role of production supervisor and instructor at two South Florida institutions, the Miami Film School and Miami Media School. As Production Supervisor, he assisted the film students in helping them prepare, develop, shoot and edit their short films as well as, helping them verify their film shoot locations, permits, props, release forms, cast and shot lists. Then as Instructor, he taught students Filmmaking and Production which included camera, lighting, sound, pre-production, script review and casting. As of Spring 2014, Dorjan has produced, written, directed and edited 4 short films, of which 3 have won awards from local film festivals for Audience Favorite. He is currently working on completing his first anthology series, See No Evil. His objective is to ultimately fulfill his dream of becoming a full-time 'anthology' writer/director, by producing films and short films series series that present different stories and characters within each episode or season. He can be contacted here.