Comic Review: Sweet Tooth – 27


In this comic book review, Nick takes a look at Sweet Tooth #27 from Vertigo comics.

[DC – Vertigo] – Sweet Tooth – 27 – January – 2012

Writer: Jeff LeMire

Artist: Matt Kindt

Inker: Matt Kindt



Cover Artist: Jeff LeMire


Synopsis: Part Two of The Taxidermist arc, “Taboos” irfanview german free.

A member of a Christian expedition to a northern Inuit tribe finds more than he bargained for – rather than savages, the Inuit are “a gentle, graceful people” eps viewer downloaden. Louis finds himself drawn to the ways of their people, and falls in love with a native.

A second missionary unit arrives, looking for Louis and his crew eingabesprachen herunterladen. Louis tells them about how he became part of the tribe, and about a particular hunting expedition where he stumbles across an ice cave filled with what the shaman calls “a cave where the gods went to rest after their earthly bodies had died” zollquittung herunterladen. Louis unwittingly unleashes a curse by opening one of the tombs inside; several months later, the expedition and several of the natives become ill, and his newborn son is revealed to be a Hybrid herunterladen.

Hot: As typical with Vertigo books, this book focuses on the story beyond all else. The pacing is particularly good, and the use of flashbacks, diary entries, and the flow of revelation are all used to great effect. The artwork is a bit quirky but it works and grows on you (also somewhat a staple of Vertigo books).

Not: The artwork really does take a moment to warm up to, charming as it is.


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