Magic the Gathering Standard Market Watch: Commander Decks


In this Standard Market Watch article we look at some of the singles from the 100-card singleton Commander decks from Magic the Gathering herunterladen.

Singles from the recently-released 100-card singleton Commander decks have plummeted in value as the market continues to be flooded herunterladen. One card, in particular, has been holding its value ($10) thanks to being reprinted in M12, and thus, legal in Standard.

It can be found in the Devour for Power deck (MSRP $30) and will also include a Sol Ring ($5), Eternal Witness ($3.50), Avatar of Woe ($2.50), Buried Alive ($2.50), Lightning Greaves ($1.50), and a Command Tower ($1.50), making it easily one of the best Commander offerings for value fotos downloaden icloud windows.

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