Magic the Gathering Market Watch: Modern Banned List 10-2011



This Magic the Gathering Market Watch article looks at the current modern banned list for October 2011.


After the results from Pro Tour: Philadelphia, Wizards of the Coast announced an expanded ban list for their new Modern format e bücher download kostenlos. Blazing Shoal, Cloudpost, Green Sun’s Zenith, Ponder, Preordain, and Rite of Flame get the axe.

The new restrictions have nullified the viability of some specific decks, causing their key cards to plummet in value almost as quickly as they rose mein elster zertifikat erneut herunterladen. In particular, Vesuva (part of the “Twelve-Post” archtype) has fallen from an average of $25 to about $15, and could continue to drop.

For details on these new bans, you can see Wizard of the Coast’s official explanation from Research and Design Team member Erik Lauer, here:

The current ban list for Modern:

  • Ancestral Vision
  • Ancient Den
  • Bitterblossom
  • Blazing Shoal
  • Chrome Mox
  • Cloudpost
  • Dark Depths
  • Dread Return
  • Glimpse of Nature
  • Golgari Grave-Troll
  • Great Furnace
  • Green Sun’s Zenith
  • Hypergenesis
  • Jace, the Mind Sculptor
  • Mental Misstep
  • Ponder
  • Preordain
  • Rite of Flame
  • Seat of the Synod
  • Sensei’s Divining Top
  • Stoneforge Mystic
  • Skullclamp
  • Sword of the Meek
  • Tree of Tales
  • Umezawa’s Jitte
  • Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle
  • Vault of Whispers
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