Comic Review: Legion Lost #1


DC’s Legion Lost #1 gets reviewed in this article by Scott R. Schmidt.


Writer: Fabian Nicieza – Artist: Pete Woods

This book gives off a Saturday morning cartoon vibe like crazy–made me want to sit on the couch all morning, read comics and eat cereal Download Christmas music for free. So, I did. Having never read a Legion of Super-Heroes comic in my life, there really is an entire legion of new characters to discover microsoft office 365 herunterladen. That’s why this New 52 thing is so fun!

Legion Lost, starring a group of time-scattered galactic Legionnaires, has the appeal of Ben 10 with an X-Men-lite tone kostenlose gifs downloaden. I’d even say some Captain Planet influence finds its way on the page. How can you beat that? The lost legion benefits from an interesting, diverse roster with guys like the Wolverine-esque Timberwolf and  powerful alien guys, Tellus and Gates verbindingssnelheiden.

At times the characters can sound a bit LARP-ish, explaining the use of their powers while using them and the pseudo-tech jargon becomes a little heavy-handed late in the game herunterladen momentan nicht möglich versuchen sie es später erneut samsung. Admittedly, telekinesis and technology can be difficult to convey on the page, but let’s just say I wouldn’t want all the comics I buy to read how Legion Lost does. Regardless, its got the makings of a fun, cartoons-and-cereal comic.



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