Comic Review: Demon Knights #1


In this comic book review, Scott R. Schmidt takes a gander at Demon Knights issue #1 from the new DC 52.


Writer: Paul Cornell – Artist: Diogenes Neves

DC did a good thing giving the Demon his own book herunterladen. He deserves it after years of killing, maiming and engulfing people in fire-breath. And the gritty, medieval backdrop stands tall in DC’s cape-centric reboot willy werkel download free full version.

The Demon has always been a cult favorite in the DCU, but rarely gets used outside of Shadowpact. For those unfamiliar with him, think a Ghost Rider-brand of duality manjaroen. The Demon is bound to a druid named Jason Blood, but they don’t quite see eye-to-eye. Naturally, adventure ensues and violence is had.

Demon Knights is a cool book to pick up if you’re at all interested in the New 52 herunterladen. It’s a genre book for sure, but not one that DC has retro-fitted with an established character to drive the series, say like Men of War–where Sgt spotify only parts of a playlist. Rock feels tacked-on to Men of War, the Demon is right at home with his shiny new book.



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