Comic Review: Batman and Robin #1


Scott Schmidt cracks open issue #1 of the new Batman and Robin comic from the DC 52 line-up.


Writer: Peter J windows icloud photos. Tomasi  – Artist: Patrick Gleason

Good god, the Batman microcosm was a crazy place for a few years. After Batman, Inc klingeltöne iphone gratis herunterladen. (International Bat-men!), Batman and Son (Bruce Wayne has a son!) and Batman R.I.P. (Batman dies!), a Bat-brochure was needed to follow along amazon prime videos auf den pc herunterladen. Despite the reboot there are carry-overs from the aforementioned story lines, but writer Tomasi handles the load with deft skill.

Stan Lee once said it’s always somebody’s first issue, so Batman and Robin #1 opens the only way it can; Bruce Wayne honoring his parents on the anniversary of their death apps on sd map samsung. But, before the re-hash induces boredom, Tomasi ushers in the New 52 era post-haste as Batman declares to Damian, newly-appointed Robin and Bat-heir, in the future he will honor his parents’ wedding anniversary instead spiele für den computer kostenlosen.

Don’t fret, there is some good dynamic-duo action to be had, aside from the symbolic, drama bits. In addition to “bams” and “pows” though, it’s apparent the tumultuous father/son relationship of Bruce and Damian will be the driving force behind the series. He’s no Burt Ward, but Damian has potential to be a great addition to the Bat-family. I’ll stick around for #2.



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