Magic the Gathering Market Watch: Consecrated Sphinx

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This Magic the Gathering Market Watch covers Standard’s Consecrated Sphinx from Mirrodin Beseiged.


Consecrated Sphinx, from the Mirrodin Beseiged expansion, is becoming a rising star in Standard sonosen voor mac. Finding its way into many top-tier decks, at least as a one-off, the price on Consecrated Sphinx has been steadily climbing from a starting value of around $4 to its current $12-$15 range is music download legal. Sales leader Star City Games is currently listing it at $14.99, with some sites selling it as low as $12.50. The card is very tradable at the moment amongst Standard tournament goers, and will likely be a solid investment until it rotates out of Standard Download background images Easter for free. Try to trade up for these for lesser Rares and Mythics, and then use them as trade bait to get the most value out of them.

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