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When I was a young writer, just starting out, I read an article that changed the way I approached writing. The article was about Ray Bradbury, and how he committed to writing 500 words minimum per day herunterladen. Being all of eleven years old, I decided that I wanted to be three times the writer Bradbury was, and set about making my goal 1500 words a day. If 500 worked for him, imagine what 1500 would do for me soscisurvey daten herunterladen!

Fast forward several (okay – many) years into the future, and that lesson has served me well. It has made it so that I can literally write about anything, in any situation (whether I do it well or not is up to interpretation) whatsapp herunterladen ohne playstore. It was pivotal training in my freelance and professional career.

So a few days ago I noticed an incoming link to Garbled Transmission that I had not seen before netflix app movie. Curiosity took over, and I wondered who had linked to our site. I could not have been more intrigued when I saw the site the link came from: I can't anything from play store.

The site seeks to teach authors another lesson courtesy of the great Bradbury. Apparently, in addition to writing 500 or so words a day, he also committed (and kept) to writing one story a week and submitting one a week microsoft office kostenlos herunterladen 2010.


Write1Sub1 asks writers to join in the effort and try to create and submit 52 stories a year video streams herunterladen. For the meek at heart, you can choose to write/submit 1 story a month as well, but why not go for the gold?

I love the idea of this site and encourage any fledgling or professional writer to sign-up and join the fun von amazon music herunterladen. There are many lessons to be learned, and even if you fail in your endeavours, you will end up with a lot of new work on your hands, and more importantly, you will have taken a step forward in perfecting your craft in spotify.

I’ll admit that I haven’t signed up – yet. Currently, I edit and design this site in my spare time, and work full time as Editor-in-Chief/Community Manager of 17 other sites music from smule. Plus I freelance. And occasionally…sleep.

But the eleven year old still breathes somewhere in the back of my brain, and I know that he won’t rest until I sign-up.

If you do join, or are already undertaking the challenge, I’d love to hear your progress. Drop us a line!

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About James Payne

James Payne was born in Augusta, Georgia and has been writing since the age of 6. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of Developer Shed, Inc and Garbled Transmissions. His work has appeared in print and on the web 400+ times and his first book, Beginning Python: Using Python 2.6 and 3.1, was recently published by John Wiley and Sons.