Magic the Gathering Market Watch: Innistrad Transformation

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This Magic the Gathering Market Watch article looks at Standard – in particular, Transformation cards from the Innistrad block herunterladen.

It was revealed this weekend at PAX that the next expansion block, Innistrad, will feature a brand new mechanic called “transformation”, with double-faced cards (they do not feature the standard Magic logo on the back, but rather another card face) herunterladen. Considering the power level of some of the cards already revealed, expect these to be highly sought after once they become tournament legal.

In particular, Ludevic’s Test Subject (Ludevic’s Abomination) seems particularly powerful when combined with the Scars of Mirrodin block’s proliferate mechanic videos mit iphone von youtube downloaden. If it becomes part of a consistent Top 8 deck in the coming weeks, expect this card’s value to escalate quickly.

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