MtG Spoiler: Innistrad – Transformation Mechanic



This Magic the Gathering spoiler looks at the new transformation mechanic from the forthcoming Innistrad block.

A new mechanic for Innistrad was revealed this weekend at PAX, called “Transformation” gran turismo demo for free. It entails a new breed of cards that lack the traditional Magic: the Gathering logo back, and will use a new “checklist card” to represent them while in your hand, library, and other zones where the face would need to remain concealed zedge wieen.


Sample Transformation card: Ludevic’s Test Subject (front) / Ludevic’s Abomination (back)

It remains to be seen how these cards will be handled during drafting, as players could feasibly recognize your selections based on a glimpse at the other side’s artwork herunterladen.

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