Magic the Gathering Standard Market Watch: Foil Commons and Uncommons


This Magic the Gathering Market Watch article takes a look at trending common and uncommon foils.

Note: Hover over cards for a preview herunterladen.

Frequent tournament players and prospective pros alike are known for collecting foil versions of cards, looking to “pimp out their decks” musik kostenlos herunterladen von youtube. Foreign text versions are particularly sought-after (Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and German being the most popular non-English versions) and can fetch quite a bit more than their English versions, sometimes fetching twice that value or more spiele kostenlosen 3 gewinnt.

However, many novice players sometimes overlook the value of foiled staple commons, such as Squadron Hawk (regular version: $0.10, foil version: $3) and Spell Pierce (regular version: $0.25, foil version: $10-12) user manual iphone 11. This is typically seen most often with cards that are new to a core set, have not been reprinted yet, and found a home in a top-tier deck.

Some top-tier uncommons fitting this category include Dismember (regular version: $3, foil version: $18) and Mental Misstep (regular version: $3, foil version: $30), from the New Phyrexia expansion herunterladen.

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