Magic the Gathering Modern Card Combos: Vesuva and Cloudpost


This Magic the Gathering card combo looks to combine the power of Vesuva and Cloudpost adobe flash player ipad for free.

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The new official format for pro players is gaining steam and here for the long haul, already looking to unseat the popular Legacy as the premier format microsoft word 2013 download for free. Card prices for expected Modern staples are soaring to new heights, and today’s feature will focus on the very versatile land from the Time Spiral set, Vesuva kostenlos guten morgen bilder downloaden.

The deck archtype, known as “Eight post” (and variants “Twelve post”, et. al.), is designed around generating lots of mana by having multiple copies of “Locus” lands in play adac rettungskarte downloaden. This is accomplished mainly by using Vesuva to copy Cloudpost (and in a pinch, Glimmerpost) video van youtube download op ipad. Finding a way to get all eight copies out means that each can tap for 8 colorless mana, or 64 mana per turn. With a four Glimmerpost out, the number can hit 100 mana per turn (each Cloudpost and Vesuva tapping for 12 mana, and the four Glimmerposts tapping for 1 each), in addition to other lands you may have in play. This is a superior update to the old “Urza-tron” combination (using the lands Urza’s Mine, Urza’s Power Plant, and Urza’s Tower, which provide 2 mana, 2 mana, and 3 mana, respectively, or a total of 28 mana per turn with all twelve in play).


The rest of the deck almost doesn’t matter, but is typically filled with ways to quickly dig up the lands you need to get your powerful cards out. Perhaps the most popular variant is “Eldrazi Post”, which features the big Legendary Eldrazi creatures from the Rise of Eldrazi expansion. Typically, this deck runs some green mana sources to fuel cards such as Explore, Sakura-Tribe Elder, and Sylvan Scrying, and often includes Primeval Titan as a mid-game threat. Another combo piece sometimes found in these decks is the “auto-win” Helix Pinnacle, since it allows you to win within a turn or two once your mana combo is on the board.

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