MtG Modern Tournament Format Primer


There is a lot of buzz surrounding “Modern”, the newly-announced tournament format announced by Wizards of the Coast this past May mp3 title.

The Modern format features sets that were originally printed using the modern card frames:

Core sets: Eighth Edition, Ninth Edition, Tenth Edition, Magic 2010, Magic 2011 herunterladen.

Expansions: Mirrodin block, Kamigawa block, Ravnica block, Coldsnap, Time Spiral block (including all “timeshifted” cards), Lorwyn block, Shadowmoor block, Shards of Alara block, Zendikar block, Scars of Mirrodin block

 The current most-popular “eternal” tournament format, Legacy, was introduced in September of 2004 and had its first Grand Prix treatment the next year welke spss. Wizards of the Coast hosted a “Community Cup” tournament this past June which included the Modern format (as well as Standard and a Scars of Mirrodin block draft). Wizards has also recently announced that Modern will replace the Extended format for the upcoming Pro tour: Philadelphia.

The current ban list for Modern is as follows:


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