Standard Combos: Mimic Vat, Manic Vandal, Liquimetal Coating

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Mimic Vat is a truly useful artifact under many circumstances, and one of the most fun ways to abuse the Vat is to make tokens of your opponent’s useful creatures right skirt for free.


Here’s how it works:

With Mimic Vat and Liquimetal Cooling out, use the Liquimetal to turn your opponent’s creature into an artifact, and then bring out the Vandal switch gekaufte spiele herunterladen. He destroys the creature, and you can now exile it with the Vat. Sure, Mimic Vat works with any “destroy target creature effect” (Day of Judgment, for instance) but this method is a little more flexible since you can use Coating and the Vandal to destroy other artifact-based threats play billiards download.

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