Standard Combo: Realms Uncharted, Fetchlands, and M12 Duals

Realms Uncharted is a somewhat overlooked card that can net you serious card advantage (deck thinning, useful lands, etc.) bibi blocksberg listengame for free. It is also one of the few cards that lets you pick non-basic lands as targets.


Here’s how it works:

Cast Realms Uncharted, and pull four different fetch lands (or some combination of fetches, duals, basics, etc bullguard antivirus kostenlosen. as you need them). Your opponent picks two, which go to the graveyard, but the other two go into your hand. If you are left with the fetchlands, you can use them to bring out basic lands you need and it also provides “deck thinning” (the concept of improving the chance of drawing a good card from your library because there are less other cards to draw from) guardian angel pictures for free.

Other useful lands to target would include the Worldwake cycle of “man-lands” (lands which can become a creature by using an activated ability).

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