Standard Combos: Jace’s Erasure, Jace’s Archivist, and Jace, Memory Adept

This combo can be downright nasty, and helps you get to key cards more quickly.


With Jace’s Erasure out, activate the Archivist’s ability to watch your opponent pitch his entire hand into his graveyard, and then when you draw your replacement cards, he “mills” for that amount as well legal musik downloaden youtube kostenlos.

While it’s a common belief that mill strategies fail to work in the Eternal formats, the same is not necessarily true in Standard as graveyard recursion is somewhat rare (aside from Elixir of Immortality, which you may also want to run yourself) apache2 herunterladen.

Adding Jace, Memory Adept to the mix makes it even better – activating his “zero ability” in a mill-based deck pushes the envelope of fair play herunterladen. Surgical Extraction can also be effective in a deck like this, and it can be cast without using black mana herunterladen. Play it after you mill some key cards, and use Surgical Extraction to pull out the rest of their copies so they have no hope of getting them back accountplan downloaden. Plus, you get to see their deck contents, which can be a huge advantage for the remaining matches (not to mention, your own sideboarding strategies).

You do not need to build an entire deck devoted to attacking your opponent’s library – the idea is to deny them from drawing key cards while you gain access to yours. This “stall tactic” can be very effective, and in some cases you will win games just from the mill effect.

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