[Standard] Combo: Mindcrank and Bloodchief Ascension

In this Magic the Gathering card combo, we will be looking at Mindcrank and Bloodchief Ascension.

[Standard] Combo: Mindcrank and Bloodchief Ascension

With the Zendikar block rotating out soon, I’d like to mention a fairly well-known Standard-legal combo that could surprise the tournament meta-game in the right rogue deck download anonymously with tor.

A full playset of each will cost you under $15 at the time of this writing abenteuerspiele kostenlos downloaden.

Once you get Bloodchief active and Mindcrank out, and source of damage will create an infinite loop tagebuch schreiben kostenlos downloaden.

Here’s how it works:

First, get a Bloodchief Ascension out Skip bo game download for free. Use creatures or damage to get your first counter on it. Then, you can add counters in subsequent turns by dealing more damage (direct or combat), or even make use of the many good Proliferate cards to get Bloodchief Ascension up to 3 counters website wget. Then, you play Mindcrank and Deal Damage one last time. With Bloodchief Ascension active, your opponent loses life, which triggers Mindcrank. They mill cards into their graveyard, which triggers Bloodchief Ascension. Bloodchief Ascension causes them to take more damage when cards hit their graveyard, which triggers Mindcrank again, and the loop continues until your opponent is dead or out of cards.

Other cards to consider using to flesh out this deck:


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