Card Combo: Vampire Nighthawk

In this Magic the Gathering Card Combo, we take a look at Vampire Nighthawk from the Commander expansion pack.

Cards in Combo: Vampire Nighthawk, Viridian Longbow, Thornbite Staff

Vampire NighthawkViridian LongbowThornbite Staff

How it Works:

Bring out the Vampire Nighthawk, equip it with the Viridian Longbow. This gives your Vampire Nighthawk the ablity to be tapped and do one point of damage to a target creature. The beauty of this of course is that whenever the Nighthawk does damage to a creature (no matter how much), two things occur: first, that creature dies, and second, you gain life.

To make this truly powerful, you can add Thornbite Staff into the mix, equipping it to the Nighthawk. Now anytime a creature hits the graveyard (which is everytime you tap Nighthawk to Deal Damage), the Nighthawk will untap. This gives you a perpetual tapper capable of killing every creature on the board, and gaining you life for each time you kill. And by the end of it, you have a flying creature capable of dealing damage to your opponent, just to rub a little salt in the wound.

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